Best Two Adventure Games for Android Devices

Solving out the mysteries and getting engaged to the characters and stores is something almost every game lover surely wants to have. Adventure games are a way to explore things and to do such tasks that you surely can’t do in real life. It is one of the most unique gaming zones that hold the capacity of taking you on the tour of an adventurous era in just a few minutes. It is a classic point and clicks game genre that improved a lot after the introduction of smartphones in the industry. If you are ready to enjoy the world of adventure games for your Android phone, here are the leading two for you.

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Thimbleweed Park

It is one of the most familiar retro adventure games that come along with a lot of modern features. The gameplay is going to take you on the tour of the best adventure zone. The game is quite interesting and will take you on the tour of Monkey Island or Maniac Mansion where you can easily live the game while enjoying the best themes, graphics and sound effects. The gameplay has been introduced with a very strong absurdist twist where you can easily enjoy control over a pair of idiosyncratic FBI agents.

You have to solve out various murder mysteries in the gameplay and for doing that you will be provided with two idiosyncratic FBI agents in an idiosyncratic town. It is a mind game where you have to use your gaming skills to solve out various challenging puzzles. The complexity of the characters in the game and mysteries will go on increasing as we will move higher with the levels. The gameplay is quite addictive and you are going to enjoy those stylish pixel graphics and weird humour a lot. So, get ready for the game teasers and get ready to enjoy the world of adventures with your best gaming skills.


Minecraft is one of the most popular adventure games for android users that have already won the hearts of millions of game lovers worldwide with its amazing gameplay. It is a paid app that works on virtual blocks right in the palm of your hand. Sound interesting, right? The gameplay is quite simple and easy to play on and will hardly take your few minutes to get familiar with it. One of the finest things about this wonderful gameplay is that you will be allowed here to play on two different modes to play on.

It will be your choice to select from the creative mode or survival mode to get started with. Where you have to explore the crafting virtual world with your skills in creative mode, survival mode is the one that brings up added complications for you to gather and manage resources during day hours effectively. You also have to battle and won the game against your enemies during the night. Minecraft on Android offers users a great platform where they can easily share their gaming skills and can generate and manage a number of resources with seamless gaming experience.

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